Zhengzhou Bona Heat Energy Equipment Co., Ltd is an innovative technology enterprise, which is focusing on the production, R & D and technical consulting services of burners, burner accessories, hot air furnace, and boiler related products.  we upholds the development and innovation consciousness, produces products with high-performance combustion technology.

Main Products: 
Gas Burner;
Oil Burner(Diesel/Light Oil Burner, Heavy Oil Burner);
Dual Fuel Burner(Diesel/Light Oil or Gas, Heavy Oil or Gas);
Multi Fuel Burner;
Low NOx Burner;
Coal Burner;
Rotary Kiln Burner;
Asphalt Mixing Plant Burner;
Hot Air Furnace, etc.
Applicable Industries: 
1. Cement and Mining: rotary kiln equipment, drying application.
2. Energy: boiler equipment, hot air furnace / hot blast stove.
3. Metal: steel, aluminum, copper, forging and heat treatment equipment.
4. Petroleum and Natural Gas: petrochemical furnaces, oil refinery, oil and gas plant process equipment (tracer, industrial burner).
5. Asphalt Mixing Plant, Incinerator, Foundry Machinery, Industrial Stoves, and other thermal machinery supporting equipment.